Tammy Turner is a multi-talented singer, actress, and motivational speaker, who is shining her light bright for all to see. She has performed on many stages across the country and internationally as well. Tammy has written and produced songs for herself and other corporate organizations and has also written and produced her own one-woman show.

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Born in Chicago, Tammy grew up listening to her mother sing praises as the lead singer of a group led by the legendary Ricky Dillard. As Tammy traveled with mom from church to church and concert hall to auditorium, she would eventually find her own voice. “Singing was just as natural as breathing”, said Turner as she described her experiences growing up with it.

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Tammy has been featured in several films, theatre productions, music videos and commercials across the country. She has performed on stage with such talents as Jackee Harry (227, Sister Sister), Darrin Dewitt Henson (Soul Food, Stomp the Yard), and singers Johnny Gill, Dave Hollister, and Dottie Peoples. Tammy wrote and produced her own one-woman show, Glass Rainbows, that had audiences raving about her performance.

“…The actress and singer is a quite storm for this season.” Tony M. Small (Stellar award winning songwriter, White House Millennium and national award winning composer/playwright)

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